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Submitted on
June 25, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

A story about Demon England and America More to come >:3
If you don't like yaoi don't read!

America sat by the gate and yawned
England saw America at the gate and smiled. "Alfie~"
America rolled his eyes "hi"
England sat by him and smiled. "How are you, love?"
America sighed "I'm not your love"
"Yes you are." England smiled.
America glared then rolled his eyes.
England kissed America's cheek.
America turned and glared at him again.
England smiled in a sweet way.
America rolled his eyes again "don't you have someone else to bug?"
"Not really." England shrugged
He sighed "Well why don't you go find someone?"
"Because I want you~" England cooed.
America rolls his eyes "Of course you do"
England pouted. "You know I do."
America looked at him and chuckled "Your such a child"
"Oh really?" England smirked then he kissed the other demons on the lips.
America was shocked for a second then smirked 'Wanna play that way?' he thought, kissing England back passionately.
England smirked then tilted his head to deepen the kiss and to dominate it. (XD)
America chuckled.
England licked America's bottom lip.
America smiled and stuck his tongue out into England's mouth smiling.
England moaned a little.
America smirked massaging England's tongue with his own.
England moaned again and sat on America's lap.
America's tail began rubbing against England's crotch as America started pulling off England's shirt.
England hissed a little but he allowed it to happen.
America smirked and he began nipping at England's neck
England moaned louder. He ran his fingers through America's hair
America's tail starting slowly pulling off England's pants as he sank his fangs into a sensitive point.
England hissed. (The best part is, they're in public xD Where's Demon France when you need him?)
He smirked then whispered in his ear "let's go somewhere more private"
England smirked and nodded.
He grabbed his hand and headed someplace private.
England smirked as he was taken to some where private. His tail flickered in teasing way.
America immediately pushed him against the wall biting his neck again, his tail slowly pulling down England's pants and playing with his crotch.
England moaned and grinded his hips against America's
America threw England on the floor, crawling on top of him, and smiled as his tail slowly started pumping England's cock. He started licking down England's now bare chest.
A Rp me and my friend are working on~
Demon England = SpainLovesYou ( [link] )

And Demon America= Me~

Drawing isn't mine all rights goes to rightful owner
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